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Re: [IP] Diabetic type breast lump

Michelle, if it is not malignant  (hopefully), then it could be either of
metabolic or unknown causes.  I had a small unilateral breast lump removed
several years ago.   This is called gynecomastia, and while not common is
not medically dangerous.  The surgeon said that if the lumps are on both
sides then it is probably related to some endocrinologic or metabolic
problem that would need additional treatment.  But he didnt' comment on
there being much of an increased prevalence of gynecomastia in diabetics,
though he did say that no one really knew what caused them.   Lets hope
that's all you have.
- -wm

<<<<<<<From: email @ redacted (Michelle Rands)
Here is a new diabetic complication.  Seems they are all over the place.
I go in for surgery Wednesday for a lump which the doctor says is common
for diabetics.  Has anyone else ever heard of this one?  Does anyone know
what the name is? or where i can find out more information?  Michelle at
email @ redacted if anyone would like  to respond privately.>>>>>>>>>>

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