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Re: [IP] Not just Nova Scotia

While CDA cannot engage in political activities they CAN dialogue with =
the government in an advocacy capacity.  Effective advocacy is a long hau=
l in our Canadian system where health care is monopolized by federal and =
provincial governments.  I believe that CDA understands some of the funda=
mental concerns of persons and families of persons with Diabetes.

I am not sure how the CDA can and will excercise their advocacy role as =
we see universality of health care diminish before our very eyes.  We are=
 now seeing our health and social services reverting to pre 1950's.  With=
 this in mind, I think that CDA will have to apply a two pronged approach=
.  CDA national dialoguing with the Federal Government and CDA provincial=
 offices dialoguing with provincial governments.

The struggle being twofold:  At a national level, we need to ensure that =
we do not reduce our quality of health care to the lowest comon denominat=
or.  Provincially, we must  excercise our voice to compete for dollars =
and services to be commited to the needs of persons with Diabetes.  This =
will, indeed, be an incredible struggle and already we see the disparity =
from province to province.  We know all to well the track record of the =
"have not" provinces.

I am not sure what is happening in other Atlantic Canada Provinces but =
CDA New Brunswick is gearing-up to ensure that the many voices of persons=
 with Diabetes are heard.  Our Provincial Government has created a Commit=
tee that will make recommendations to the Minister of Health on what the =
health priorities for the next 5 to 10 years should be.

At this time, The CDA is urging New Brunswickers to speak out.  They are =
preparing to  make a presentation to the Committee.  The key issues that =
they are prepared to address are:  Financial Assistance for people who =
are unable to purchase the necessary medications and blood glucose monito=
ring devices;  Standardized deabetes education for newly-diagnosed indivi=
duals at time of diagnosis;  Establishment of a provincial data base to =
collect information on the numbers of people with diabetes and resulting =
complications; Secreening and prevention programs for individuals in high=
 risk populations; Acceptance of diabetes as a major health issue and the=
 Establishment of a diabetes advisory council within the Department of =
Health to develop a diabetes care program.

These are the key areas that CDA NB intends to address, at this time.  =
True, there is no mention of pushing for the provision of dollars to acce=
lerate the research for a cure.  We MUST ensure that work is being done =
on this front too.  I believe that JDF takes a more active role, in this =
domain, on behalf of persons with Diabetes.  I understand we have a small=
 JDF contingent in New Brunswick.  It's a small voice and small dollars. =
 Perhaps we need to be more receptive to their cause.  I think I'll look =
into this situation.  In addtion, I am prepared to support the CDA in the=
 efforts they are making instead of berating them for what they are not =
doing.  We all have a part to play in fighting this incidious thing calle=
d Diabetes.

I would love to learn about Nova Scotia.  What is CDA up to?  Is JDF acti=
ve in your province?  Do you have active Diabetes Clinics?

New Brunswick

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> Darrin
> Canadian Income Tax law requires that Charities which issue tax
> deductible receipts not engage in political activities. The penalty for
> breach of that requirement is de-registration and a potnentail tax of
> 100% of the assets of the de-registered charity. It would, therefore,
> very dangerous for the CDA or any other charity to engage in political
> activities. Such actions require an independent organization which does
> not rely on tax deductibble donations for funding.
> Gary Marlin
> Darrin Parker wrote:
> >
> > > The CDA should be lobbying
> > >for more, assuming they aren't, and letters to your MP/MLA (member =
> > >Parliament - federal- and Member of the Legislative Assembly
> >
> > Last time I asked the CDA about this; they provided me with the
> > understanding that in exchange for some govt funding they had to prom=
ise to
> > not lobby nor critisize the govt nor the govt health systems.
> >
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Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/