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[IP] Dex and vitamin C and E

I am confused.  I gathered that the Glucometer Dex (with the capability to
download info into a computer) was not available to the general public.  Is
it available?

Also, in Pumping Insulin, John Walsh talks about the effect of vitamin C
and E have on glycosated hemoglobin numbers. (p.130-)  One study showed
that nondiabetics took 1000mg of C for three months and their HbA1c was
lowered by 18%!  Vitamin E and SOD (superoxide dismutase) are also found to
perhaps reduce the risk of complications because it slows the oxidation
process which is greater in diabetics.  Lipoic acid as well as other
antioxidants have been shown to perhaps lower the risk of complications.

Anyone have any first-hand experience with this?  Lauren already takes
(sometimes when I can get her to) an antioxidant-lipoic acid combination.

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