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[IP] Blood Sugar Testing

     On Mon, 12 Oct 1998 email @ redacted wrote:
     -Lisa D.
     -Why do you feel that a child or anyone must test any more than say 3 
     -to 4 times a day?  Is there is a reason for your belief that 7-10 
     -tests a day is critical?  I test at least 3 and rarely if ever more 
     -than 8 times a day and have don this since bg tested were sold to the 
     -public.  This is about the same that we test our 3 1/2 yr old son 
     -dxed 1 yr ago.  Both he and I are doing well.  I am sure the list 
     -will give you the info you want but I can't be sure that your 
     -insistance that a person test 10 times a day is accurate.  
Each person has to make up their own minds (w/doctors and families help) on 
number of times and when to test.  I know that there are times I'll test EVERY 
90-120 MINUTES to prevent a low sugar (don't have any physical indication of 
such: last night I took a test at 3AM since one of the kids woke me and 
discovered I was at 36!!

If testing 3-4 a day works for you and your sugars are generally good, GREAT!

If you need to test 6, 7, 10, 12 times a day, this is also good.  This is not  
a contest to see who can test least number of times a day, this is 
(theoretically) an attempt to fool our bodies into thinking we are 'normal'.

Yerachmiel B. Altman
email @ redacted

39 years old (as of three weeks ago) 
almost 37 years diabetic (three more weeks till 'D' day)
DXd at 25 months
18 1/2 years on pump (June '80) 
   ((back when pumps were PUMPS not those tiny things you young kids use now!))
   ((and they came in your choice of color schemes: black))
   ((and the battery lasted about as long as a resevoir))
   ((and the only way to hide it was to swallow it))
   ((and even then it would show in your tummy))


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