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Re: [IP] Searching For Endo in Southern CA

>>> <email @ redacted> 10/14 8:31 PM >>>

Thanks for your response.  The City of Hope is about an hour's drive each =
for me.  That wouldn't work out.  The ADA recommends Dr. Perley and this =
is an absolute nightmare!  I hope to find a good doc soon. Cindy<<<<

Hi Cindy,=20
Just wanted to let you know that I happily drive two hours (4 hour RT) to =
my Endo because there are no specialist in my area.  I had a lot of gas =
miles when I was started on the pump because I had to go back every two =
days for a week, then every week for three weeks and now I go every 4 =
months.   Every mile has been worth it to me because of my pump success.  =
I had planned my time, did without a vacation, and of course, the mileage =
was tax deductible. I take off tomorrow at 7:30 AM for my quarterly check =
in Birmingham.  It is really not that big a deal.   This, of course, is =
just my feelings.  Your situation may be different, i.e., YMMV.=20

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