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[IP] Infusion set question

Hello again!

As several of you already know after many months of hard work and persistence
our daughter, Laura, will finally be trained on her pump Monday the 19th.  We
are excitd and so is she!  (Michael a picture is on its way soon!)

She will be using the Tenders.  I am wondering though, does anyone ever get
the infusion set caught on their clothing?  Since it is not taped down on the
top (otherwise if it were you would not be able to disconnect would you?) I am
now wondering if this is something that can get easily caught on your clothes
or rub?  The thought of this catching on someting just gives me the willies.

We have just waited so long for this day to come and now I am nervous and also
a bit squeamish.  Actually, not just a bit but a lot!    When my husband
inserted an infusion set the other day I thought I was going to pass out cold.
I know this too will pass as did my aversion to giving shots when she was
first diagnosed but until then I am struggling...


(ps - thankfully, Laura is calm, cool, and excited about this and putting in
an infusion set doesnt seem to phase her in the least)

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