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Re: [IP] Not just Nova Scotia


Canadian Income Tax law requires that Charities which issue tax
deductible receipts not engage in political activities. The penalty for
breach of that requirement is de-registration and a potnentail tax of
100% of the assets of the de-registered charity. It would, therefore,
very dangerous for the CDA or any other charity to engage in political
activities. Such actions require an independent organization which does
not rely on tax deductibble donations for funding.

Gary Marlin

Darrin Parker wrote:
> > The CDA should be lobbying
> >for more, assuming they aren't, and letters to your MP/MLA (member of
> >Parliament - federal- and Member of the Legislative Assembly
> Last time I asked the CDA about this; they provided me with the
> understanding that in exchange for some govt funding they had to promise to
> not lobby nor critisize the govt nor the govt health systems.

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