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[IP] Re: Calling all Coffee Lovers

Mary Jean wrote: 
> about the straight black, unadulterated brew here, not with a bunch of
> milk and sugar and flavored syrup 
> comfort of a hot beverage) so I bought a cup after lunch from a campus
> espresso cart.  I just got their plain jane house blend, nothing fancy 
> this time, no espresso, no latte, just good ol' joe.

I suspect they do adulterate it slightly. Hard to detect but it sells better!

Carol Wilson wrote:
> Mary Jean....if caffeine had a pronounced effect on BGs, mine would stay in
> the "orbital" range all the time!   Maybe this is another YMMV type thing

I try to stay sub-orbital. Leave the high flying to John Glenn, I don't have 
the right stuff.

Bob Burnett wrote:
> I've gotten to the point where I really don't drink any after lunch. It's
> not predictable enough for me to be a certainty, but more often than not,
> I'll see the same pattern in my BGs.
> Can this be somehow tied to the "dawn effect", and the release of those
> "fight or flight" hormones? Can the caffeine be teaming up with those
> hormones, extending or magnifying their effect somehow?

I'll have mine black with extra caffeine, please. A dietician told me that 
there would be no problem with 6 cups a day. My problems seem to 
show up after the 8th cup, or after being up for 4 hours with more than 6 
cups. Y M M V. How about a de-caf.   eeeeuuwww yuck, I want the real 
thing. <ha>

Best of health and Bgs,
George Lovelace <email @ redacted>
Type 1, 35 years, Pumping 8/13/98

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/