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[IP] Free Needles for Druggies, no help for diabetics

> NO medical coverage for any diabetic supplies here. It makes it really
> hard on a persons wallet. We bought the pump from our own pocket. 

>              The thing that bugs me is that the government here in
> New Brunswick are giving druggies free needles to help their drug      
> abuse. The thing is we need insulin to stay alive and a junkie needs  
> needles to get high. I think someone is missing the "point". 
> Stacey

I'm hearing your "bit--ing" and it seems very justified. You spend your 
hard earned money to buy something which supports life. Someone 
else "lives" off of your tax dollars. Maybe if you told them it was a 'liquid 
form of heroin' that you bought in bottles. <very sad grin> 

I think a "scathing letter" campaign to your the party leaders would be in 
order. Perhaps the CDA could sponsor a commercial denouncing the  
"Support for Drug Habits that End Life Rather Than Sustain It"

George Lovelace
Type 1, 35 years, Pumping 8/13/98

My other pancreas is battery-operated

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/