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My daughter Megan has been pumping since she was five. She has ALWAYS bolused
her own insulin. If you press the buttons too many times it is very easy to
clear it and start over.

Megan eats anything she wants whenever she wants! She rarely has a high blood
sugar-when she does it's almost always because I overestimated her bolus and
she's gone low at night. But this rarely happens!!! Sometimes she goes high
because the infusion gets clogged. But basically she eats anything she wants.
Juice and a honeybun for breakfast are never a problem. Pizza and birthday
cake in the middle of the afternoon-go for it!! 

The introducer needle does hurt a lot more than the insulin needle. But we use
EMLA cream for 2 hours. This is a numbing cream and Megan feels nothing when
we use it.

I can't help you with any of the expense because so far Megan's HMO has
covered everything. I have never seen a bill yet! But if the insurance would
not have paid-I WOULD HAVE!!!

Please access the kids section of this web-site to see Megan's story and lots
of others about kids who LOVE their pump!!

Judy C.

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/