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Re: [IP] Diabetic type breast lump

Hi there,
               In response to your e-mail about breast lumps, it has been
stated that type 1 diabetic women often develope lumps in their breasts. This
is a direct quote from a medical story.
                 "Compared with hypoglycemia, retinopathy,neuropathy, and
other complications, lumps in breasts are not all that serious. Type 1
diabetes should understand that they are at increased risk for this
little-known complication.
                The medical term for this complication is known as "diabetic
mastopathy".Women at high risk are those in their late 30's,women who have a
history of poor blood sugar control, and those with retinopathy.
                The lumps of diabetic mastopathy are non-cancerous and after
seven years of follow up of the women treated, none have developed breast
cancer. However, diabetic mastopathy can cause problems. It is usually
necessary to do a surgical biopsy to rule out breast cancer. In addition
lumps in breasts make it more difficult to feel a tumor.
                 Bottom line: If you have type 1 diabetes, understand that
you might develop diabetic mastopathy. If you notice any unusual breast lump,
consult a physician to rule out breast cancer.
                 The clear cause of diabetic mastopathy is still in question.
It has been identified unusually large numbers of white blood cells in lump
tissue, which suggest possible auto immune origins. This would make sense
because scientists believe that type 1 diabetes may be an auto-immune
disease, with the body's own white blood cells attacking the beta cells in
the pancreas that produce insulin.

Good Luck. I hope this helped!

Michelle Rands wrote:

> Here is a new diabetic complication.  Seems they are all over the place.
> I go in for surgery Wednesday for a lump which the doctor says is common
> for diabetics.  Has anyone else ever heard of this one?  Does anyone know
> what the name is? or where i can find out more information?  Michelle at
> email @ redacted if anyone would like  to respond privately.
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