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Re: [IP] Disetronic vs. Minimed - Users input needed please!!

At 02:38 PM 10/14/1998  Stacey Phillips wrote:


We can ALL agree on one thing: Pumps R Us. 

>email @ redacted wrote:
>> Oh dear, its deja vu all over again.
>> John I don't know much about German restaurants, but I 
>>don't think
>> anyone can possibly hear the clicking in any of the many US 

I've never heard it in restaurants in the Pacific Northwest
either. Besides, in Germany, I don't know how they can hear the
clicking of the MiniMed over the din of clinking beer steins...

>> In fact in most the beeps can't even be easily heard, 
>>so I can
>> easily audio bolus blindly under the table.  Then, I LOVE the

>clicks then
>> because I can feel them and know that the audio bolus was 
>> inputted. 

I bolus sitting at the table, under the table, along side the
table over the table and any place I happen to be. No-one has
even raised as much as an eyebrow... or if they did, I wasn't
looking... and to tell the truth I wouldn't have cared much if
they had. I just got back from a mini-trip to Las Vegas (my wife
had a business meeting out there & I went along for the ride). I
bolused in the best places in town and even along the strip
(that's where all the new fancy hotels are)... I also carried my
little Fast-Take and tested anyplace I felt like it. (I even
tested at 30,000 feet while sitting in my seat). I think
sometimes our sensitivity and concern is more in our heads in
reality! I've heard many wrist-watches that beeped much louder
than my MiniMed. (Now, talk about something really annoying at
the symphony...)

>> then i've just left to the mens room to play my 

Hmmm!!! (no comment)  :-)

>>With regard to servicing, the best products just don't 
>>need them.  And it is not really like being paralyzed and on a

>> We can always go back for a few days to shots--not ideal or 
>desirable, but
>> certainly not life threatening.

Yes!!! Although the pump is a medical device, it's definitely
not a critical life-sustaining device for which there is no
alternate means of survival. If your pump breaks and it takes
them a day to get a replacement, you just fall back to taking
injections for awhile. Not a major catastrophe. (Just remember
to take some syringes with you when you leave home). 

>> So just start singing to the beat next time you hear 
>>those strange clicks. :-)

Now the real questions are, what tune do you sing? And, do you
sing on-key...


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