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> Does it Hurt when the needle goes in more or less then her regular
> injection?

Yes, I think it hurts more than a (one)shot.  But I weigh 6-10 shots a day
to inserting a single set every few days.  I am much happier/comfortable
with inserting a set than with multiple shots.

> Will it put to much insulin in by mistake?

It won't.  You are in control-- only you can prevent too much insulin being
injected.  That is why you HAVE to test your blood and ask mom and dad for
help when calculating CHO's and insulin.
> Will she be able to eat when she wants to or doesn't want to?

That is the best part of all, you can eat when you want and even skip a
meal if necessary.  You'll be programable.  It is a virtual pancreas.

Melissa, I use a Shilouette infusion set with my mini-med 507 c , and I
really like that my set is like a little sticker on my tummy and it is
simple to disconect and jump into water when I want or need to.  I also
feel very special about my pump and if I were a kid again-- I would show it
off to all my friends.  My pump even glows in the dark so that I can see it
in the movie theaters and bolous some insulin for popcorn!!


> Questions:
> Has anyone's insurance refused to pay some or all the cost of pump and
> supplies? And did you challenge them and get them to pay.
> What do you estimate the monthly cost of supplies?
> Can MiniMed price for the pump be adjusted?
> How did your insurance company's Handle the pump purchase and the
> supplies?
> Does the area of the needle insertion become sensitive over time?

It does if you leave it in too long, it gets inflamed.  If you mean does it
become hard to stick yourself; not really.  Shots made my skin very tuff
and thick because of all the sticks over time with a needle.
> Does the needle hurt when moving around?

With my set there is no needle, it is a soft plastic canula.  Never hurts.

> Can you tell me some pro's and con's about the pump?

One con I can think of with the pump is waking up naked and forgetting that
my boyfriend might be sleeping on my pump and I step out of bed and I jerk
the pump badly and rip my set out.  Some people wear special pump bags or
holders, or belts to secure the pump to their body.  I usually opt for just
rolling around with it in bed.  So if someone other than me is on it and I
am practically sleep walking-- it is an issue.  Also, sometimes I rush
around late for work and I'll blow by a door knob or something with my pump
in my hand, a tooth brush in my mouth, and one shoe on, one shoe off and it
will get stuck on the knob, or banister, or bed post etc...  and I get
furious at myself.

One other thing.  Wearing formal clothing, like a dress that might be skin
tight-- I have a hard time figuring out where to put the pump so it doesn't
look like an awkward lump under the outfit.

No big deal really.

Another con is if you run out of supplies while traveling-- you could be in
a real bind.  Always plan ahead beacuse the local drug store doesn't carry
supplies in most places.

The best part of the pump is looking forward to not dying from diabetes and
its complications at a young and tragic age.  Morbid yes, but maybe I could
have a normal death- a piano drops on me or something (whatever normal is
to you).

emily, age 29
pumping for 8 1/2 mos
Type I 17 1/2 years

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/