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Re: [IP] Dex meter and the Mac

> I called Bayer again since some of you have the Dex computer supplies and
> was told that it has been available in Canada for a week, although I bought
> the meter a year ago.  It costs CDN$89 for the CD rom and cable and they
> could not tell me if it would work on the Mac.
> If anyone has a Mac and is using the software, please let me know.  I am
> soooo frustrated, since I have been after this thing for a year and getting
> very little help from Bayer Canada.

It's most unlikely it will run on the Mac. I suffered the ultimate
humiliation this week of having to install a PC emulator on my Mac, so I
could do some PC database work... at least it's making me do the work
quicker than I might otherwise have done.

However, I have a Dex link cable and currently download my results onto
my Psion 3c, using some software I wrote myself for the job. And from
there the results are HTML formatted and sent up the wire to my web site
for all to see... Ah! the joys of technology :)

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