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Re: [IP] Not just Nova Scotia

Gary Marlin wrote:
> I was lucky about 2 months ago I was able to enroll in a medical insurance
> program for drugs and diabetic supplies privately without medical
> preconmditions. My late wife was a government employee and the Superannuates
> Association just started the plan and had an initial open enrollment period.
> I jumped on that within about 3 hours of notice of the plan. This covers
> 100% of diabetic supplies and 80% of drugs and up to $500 every 4 years on
> durable medical supplies i.e. pumps. So  things can be very expensive here
> without private insurance. Private insurance for self employed diabetics is
> almost non existent.

If anyone is interested, the funding of diabetic supplies in Britain and
Germany is even more bizarre...

In Britain all insulin, syringes and blood testing strips are absolutely
free. But curiously not bg meters nor Novopen needles. These must be
bought at full market price. The meter manufactures are forbidden to
give meters away. Pumps and pump supplies are certainly not available
free. I had to buy my own pump, and pay for all the infusion sets and

However I recently moved permanently to Germany with my work, and came
under German health insurance. Here pumps are free, and all pump
supplies, and blood testing strips and meters. But what do I have to pay
for here? Insulin! Not full price, but a healthy contribution. This is
with one of the statutory (geseztlicher) health insurers.

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