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Re: [IP] Not just Nova Scotia

>I'm the first one to admit that I'm not that familiar with the Canadian
>political system.  Do you elect the members of Parliament?  Can you lobby them
>for a change in policy?  This is what we would do in the U.S.  I just don't
>know if that is an effective course of action in Canada.  Sounds like you've
>got a legitimate concern.  Your illustration of the benefits for  drug-users
>and not for diabetics is especially compelling and might point out to them the
>incongruity of their policies.
>Good luck,
>Mary Jean

We have democracy once every four years for about 12 hours on election day.
Typically the members we elect *must* vote as they are told to by the party
leaders.  There are numerous circumstances of elected members voting
against the will of their party leaders adn thus being kicked out of the
party in very short order.

More to the point the socialist medical system in canada is falling appart.
I know some places like Britan are worse off but it appears we are
following their lead only a few years behind.  I know of a recent survey of
Canadian docs which indicated that 80% of those surveyed said that "if they
were diagnosed with a serious medical probelm they would leave Canada to be
treated elsewhere".

Changes to the healthare system of recenet years only include reductions in
personnel and facilities.  Big issue up here!

I've always maintained that while any hospital beds were closed in Canada;
the govt should not be providing funding to mega-corps, theatres, golf
courses, cassinos, etc.

Sorry for the ramble; sort of frustrated with many govt-related aspects of
my life.  Could always be worse.

Darrin Parker
email @ redacted   Nova Scotia, Canada!

"Silence is a lie.  Silence has a loud voice.  It shouts, 'Nothing
important is happening -- don't worry.' So, when something important IS
going on, silence is a lie."  -A.M. Rosental

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