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Re: [IP] Not just Nova Scotia

Well, this has been a very educational thread for me.   I thought ALL
Canadians had the same coverage I have in BC with basic Medical coverage -
that is about 80% of all prescriptions and diabetes supplies (not
batteries, swabs or tape) after the first $600 (I think) and 100%
hospital/ER coverage.  We do pay premiums but they are far outweighed by
what I get.  And low income earners have their premiums subsidized.  I
guess it is provincial versus federal coverage.  The CDA should be lobbying
for more, assuming they aren't, and letters to your MP/MLA (member of
Parliament - federal- and Member of the Legislative Assembly -provincial-
for those outside Canada) would be a good idea, although I don't know how
much good it will do.  It sounds very frustrating!

Needles are given out free to drug users here too.  I figure if that can be
funded, people who need supplies to survive should get help too.  I was
talking to a higher up in a BC Ministry a while back and her view is
probably consistent with many others - we have insulin and it fixes
everything.  "People with diabetes just like to whine a lot about their bad


>Hi everyone,
>                It's not just Nova Scotia that does not have coverage -
>New Brunswick is another maritime province that is just as bad. There is
>NO medical coverage for any diabetic supplies here. It makes it really
>hard on a persons wallet. We bought the pump from our own pocket. The
>banks here would not even give us a loan because they didn't think that
>an insulin pump was a "necessity". The question that I was asked was "Do
>you really need a pump".Can you imagine that???? I was very upset and
>angry about that!!!!
>                 The thing that bugs me is that the government here in
>New Brunswick are giving druggies free needles to help their drug abuse.
>The thing is we need insulin to stay alive and a junkie needs needles to
>get high. I think someone is missing the "point". There is no help for
>diabetics and it can cause alot of greif especially when we are a one
>income family.
>            Sorry, for the bit--ing. I just don't know what to do.

Vancouver, BC, Canada
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