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Re: [IP] Disetronic vs. Minimed - Users input needed please!!

Oh dear, its deja vu all over again.
     John I don't know much about German restaurants, but I don't think
anyone can possibly hear the clicking in any of the many US restaurants
I've ever gone to even under business meal circumstances.  And if someone
could hear it and wondered aloud about it, I don't think they could
localize a sound like that.  Just look puzzled too.   Kind of like quietly
passing gas :-)
     In fact in most the beeps can't even be easily heard, so I can
easily audio bolus blindly under the table.  Then, I LOVE the clicks then
because I can feel them and know that the audio bolus was successfully
inputted.   There have been situations where I the tones could have been
heard, and then i've just left to the mens room to play my tunes.
     With regard to servicing, the best products just don't need them.
In the old days in the US, Ma Bell used to make phone that never failed.
The pump electronics can't be serviced, and the motor is sealed.  The only
thing need occasional service is the pump screw, and we can do that with a
brush.   If the pump fails we know it pretty quickly, but this is a very
rare event.  And it is not really like being paralyzed and on a ventilator.
We can always go back for a few days to shots--not ideal or desirable, but
certainly not life threatening.
     So just start singing to the beat next time you hear those strange
clicks. :-)

<<<<<<<<From: John Neale <email @ redacted>
I've got to disagree with you on a few points here, based on my

I find the clicking noise very noticeable, even with the pump deep in my
trouser pocket. When we sit down to a quiet dinner in the evening, I get
several minutes of clicking. At business meals I don't wish to discuss
my sundry illnesses, and the pump can often draw a "what's that
clicking" comment. Fine if you like evangelising, but not so good if you
just want to get on with life.
It's also impossible to give a bolus without at least some beeping

The Minimed pumps have no routine servicing. This means you use it until
it breaks down (as all mechanical equipment does eventually). That seems
an odd way to maintain life dependent equipment. Just suppose they flew
jumbo jets until they broke down... Think 10 years down the line. Nobody
will know that a moving part of the pump is about to break until it
happens. Let's hope it doesn't happen at an inconvenient time and place,
and lets hope your insurers will get a new pump to you straight away!

In this context, the spare pump and routine maintenance of the
Disetronic seems far more attractive. You have the constant reassurance
that the pump is in perfect condition.

The new endo I recently saw in Germany told me that he puts the Minimed
and Disetronic pumps on the table in front of all his new pump patients,
and lets them choose which they want. 80% choose the Disetronic.

(who has a 507 because it was cheaper in the UK)

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