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Re: [IP] Calling all Coffee Lovers

> Can this be somehow tied to the "dawn effect", and the release of those
> "fight or flight" hormones? Can the caffeine be teaming up with those
> hormones, extending or magnifying their effect somehow? I have a hard time
> picturing my cave dwelling ancestors plugging in the ol' coffee maker
> before they got out and started chasing down some saber tooth tigers, but
> who knows? Is there any possible tie in here?

Mary Jean, Bob,

Yep! Me too. Strong coffee sometimes but not always sends my bg way up.
Like you Bob, I've tried to pin it down and find out when and why it
happens, but without any luck. I suspect it is connected with the body's
complex reaction to cafeine and adrennaline and hormones and such
things, but it may be impossible to predict anything. As such I just
respond when it happens, and give a few units to bring it back down.
Lots of coffee first thing in the morning on an empty stomach is a
classic opportunuty for a bg raise.

I discussed it with my endo, and he had never heard of such a phenomenon
(apart from it increasing hypo awareness, which is a separate issue). I
suspect we are the first group to spot this since we are the first
generation to achieve very tight control in conjunction with flexible
eating habits...????

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