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Re: [IP] Nova Scotians

Darrin wrote:
> This endo recommends the pump as a last resort only.  He advocates a very
> regimented regime of snacks, meals and  closely timed injections of  NPH
> and H or R.  I've maintained pretty good A1c's and daily control (except
> where the am highs form the dawn phenomenon are concerned) on a UL/H regime
> which allows me to avoid snacks and closely timed injections etc.

Bloody amazing isn't it. Trouble with these doctors is they place zero
value on the quality of life the patient leads, provided the patient
"lives". Incresed quality of life today, which means freedom to eat what
I want, when I want, if I want, was my main motivation for going on the

And of course the stricter the regime the doctor puts you on, the more
scope the doctor has for blaming you for not following his unattainable
regime when you don't get the good control, rather than blaming his
plan... naughty patient...

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