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Re: [IP] Confused, looking for help......

> I also was told by My Endo that the Insurance Company wanted
> numbers... Just alot of numbers that I was cjeckin my blood
> religously.. Even when the average is 300 they just want to know you
> are gonna 'use' the pump make an attempt at using it. Even with a
> pump and you don't chk and dbl chk you could be in for trouble.. And
> mine is an Managed Choice PPO..
See the section on the DCCT on the website on the LINKS page. The 
first article in the list is 'plain talk' version with good numbers. 
See the ABOUT insulin pumpers page for typical reduction in hbA1c's. 
They have to be brain dead to argue with those numbers. The average 
reduction in hba1c's for those going on the pump is about 2%. That 
matches the DCCT studies almost exactly. The reduction in 
complications is over 50% in ALL CATAGORIES.
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