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Re: [IP] Calling all Coffee Lovers

Bob wrote:

<< I thought there might be a relationship between the amount of time elapsed
 since I woke, and the "final cup which put me over the edge". In other
 words, if I wake at 3:00 or 4:00 a.m., start my day (yes, it happens on
 occasion), I can be fine until about 9:00 or 10:00, then get a sharp rise
 in my BG. If I wake at 8:00 (it can happen), I often don't notice this rise
 in BG until I have a cuppa after lunch. >>

Hmmmm, you may be onto something here.  I may have to conduct some
"scientific" investigation into the matter.  The good side is, more coffee;
the bad side is, potentially higher bgs.  But I suppose I should try to figure
it out.
<< Can this be somehow tied to the "dawn effect", and the release of those
 "fight or flight" hormones? Can the caffeine be teaming up with those
 hormones, extending or magnifying their effect somehow? I have a hard time
 picturing my cave dwelling ancestors plugging in the ol' coffee maker
 before they got out and started chasing down some saber tooth tigers, but
 who knows? Is there any possible tie in here?

Could be.  I don't normally experience the dawn effect, but this could be a
manifestation of it.  Seems like if it was tied into the dawn effect, though,
the rise would be earlier in the day.  Your comments about cave dwellers is
interesting from an historical perspective, though.  I wonder when coffee
drinking worked its way north and south, away from the the equatorial regions
where the beans are grown.  Might make for interesting research. (in all my
spare time...)

Thanks for the reply, good to know that others have noticed the same thing, we
must be getting similar mileage here.  Wish I could ride in Carol's car for
awhile, though!


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