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Re: [IP] Calling all Coffee Lovers

Mary Jean:

>Who else besides me on the list is a coffee junkie?  Do you notice that it
>causes problems with your blood sugar?  I'm talking about the straight black,
>unadulterated brew here, not with a bunch of milk and sugar and flavored
That would be me ;-) I've suspected this for many years, and have driven my
doctor nuts more than once with this "theory". Problem is, I can't find a
whole lot of medical support for this. I drink nothing in my coffee other
than water - no fancy blends, additives, creamers, substitutes, sweeteners,
etc. Just coffee and water, thanks <vbg>

>Here's the background for my question.  I normally make my own coffee at home
>and drink a couple of cups in the morning without a problem.  Yesterday, my
>morning cup didn't seem to satisfy me (it was cold and rainy and I wanted the
>comfort of a hot beverage) so I bought a cup after lunch from a campus
>espresso cart.  I just got their plain jane house blend, nothing fancy this
>time, no espresso, no latte, just good ol' joe.  I had been having a "super"
>bg day, staying in the 90's.  An hour after I got the coffee, my bg was 222.
I've gotten to the point where I really don't drink any after lunch. It's
not predictable enough for me to be a certainty, but more often than not,
I'll see the same pattern in my BGs.

>They make their coffee stronger than I do at home. Does anyone know for sure
>if caffeine has a recognized affect on bg?  Perhaps my body has adapted to my
>personal brew but can't handle *extra* strength stuff.  When I make espresso
>at home, I bolus for the milk in my latte and life is great!  I'm becoming
>very leary of coffee houses and espresso carts.

I thought there might be a relationship between the amount of time elapsed
since I woke, and the "final cup which put me over the edge". In other
words, if I wake at 3:00 or 4:00 a.m., start my day (yes, it happens on
occasion), I can be fine until about 9:00 or 10:00, then get a sharp rise
in my BG. If I wake at 8:00 (it can happen), I often don't notice this rise
in BG until I have a cuppa after lunch.

Can this be somehow tied to the "dawn effect", and the release of those
"fight or flight" hormones? Can the caffeine be teaming up with those
hormones, extending or magnifying their effect somehow? I have a hard time
picturing my cave dwelling ancestors plugging in the ol' coffee maker
before they got out and started chasing down some saber tooth tigers, but
who knows? Is there any possible tie in here?

Bob Burnett

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