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Re: [IP] glucagon nightmare

John wrote:
> Has anyone ever tried injecting a precise amount of glucagon as a way of
> raising your bg by a precise amount? Imagine having glucagon in a
> Novopen cartridge, and you dial up 3 units to raise your bg 80 points,
> say.

We have done this several times pre-pump when Kayla would have one of
her puke-fests.  There is a formula to determine what the dose should be
and it's based on body weight.  We were told that no matter what the
dose given was, glucagon doubles the bg within 20 minutes.  So you could
give the full dose or a weight-appropriate dose and the result would be
the same. But to avoid the headaches and nausea, the dose should match
body weight.  We would give Kayla 1/5th of the total glucagon dose and
it would double her bg.  So if she was 40, it would jump to 80; if she
was only 25 she would only jump to 50.  We would zap a little glucagon
every 2 hours if she kept dropping.  Having done this several times, I
found the "double the bg" gauge amazingly accurate.

I do not recommend this, by the way.  We only did this under an endo's
recommendation and maintained frequent contact by phone with him.  Each
time, this was done as a last ditch effort to try and keep Kayla out of
the hospital.  It worked twice, once we still had to admit her.

> I've no idea how long glucagon lasts once mixed, or indeed if you can
> get it in liquid form like insulin. Any volunteers?

Glucagon can last up to 48 hours after mixing if it is kept


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