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Re: [IP] Question

Ruth wrote:
> I can't stay anywhere near normal without blood testing
> 6-20 times a day but some people can do 4 or 5.  The longer you've been
> diabetic the harder its supposed to be, although I think there are other
> factors that play in too.

Can anyone back this up? When I think back to my early years, everything
seemed so easy. Over the years the bg's just got harder and harder to
control. It was this frustration that eventually drove me into the lap
of the pump. But I wonder sometimes if it is just my standards that were
increasing, so it just appeared harder.

Certainly in the early years there was my endogenous glucagon production
to protect me from hypos, although, as Barbara said, that usually fails
after a year or two. And that's when the hypos turned up.

I've definitely become more sensitive to high bg's over the years. I
just get tired, irritable and lethargic if my bg goes over 220. That
wasn't the case in my teens, when I had an HbA1c of 9%. Thankfully my
hypo syptoms have remained fairly acute and constant, kicking in at the
69-73 range.

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