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Re: [IP] Ratio

Bonnie wrote:
> Opps, I forgot to mention the point of my last response...ratio, I mix =
> 5-1, I draw in 60 units of Velosulin, then fill the syring the rest of the =
> way till its full.  Holds 300 units.  Be careful not to mix.   I insert =
> air into the Humalog with another syringe to get the pressure, then put =
> the current syringe in to pull the insulin out.=20

This got me thinking... when you're drawing insulin out of the bottle,
if you also stick a bare needle into the bottle at the same time, then
when you draw the insulin out, then air will get sucked in the other
needle as you removed the insulin. No fuss...

I've never quite worked out the best way to inject 3ml of air into a
full bottle before removing 3ml of insulin. There's no room for it. This
way seems to do the trick perfectly. It'll also prevent you squirting
Humalog into the Velosulin bottle or vice versa.

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