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Re: [IP] Humalog.... for me, not as fast as they say it is!

Ruth replied to Janine:
> Your "it could be"s sound like the one's I was telling myself too.  I wouldn't
> have thought much about it but I think I am seeing this consistently and I
> think we've been reading about it here too.  Does this mean that over time the
> bodies processing of humalog changes?  I'm wondering....  After all, it's only
> been on the market for a couple of years so there can't be too much long term
> info yet.

I started using Humalog about 12 months ago as a supplementary insulin,
while on MDI using Pork Actrapid as my regular insulin. I would take
just a couple of units of Humalog to skim the top off a high bg. And
wham!!! within ten minutes it would give me a wonderful rush as if some
weight was being lifted from me. A sort of legal high. And the bg came
down quickly as well.

I can't say if it works slower now - not sure, since my opinion of
what's good and bad has changed so much - but since I'm on it all the
time, I no longer get that wondeful rush. I suspect I've simply grown
used to feeling great, so don't notice it any more.

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