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Re: [IP] Ratio

Bonnie, just for the record, if you are indeed putting 60 U of velosulin
into your full 300 U syringe, then you are also adding 240 U of H, giving
you a 4:1 ratio of H to V, not 5:1.  To get a 5:1 ratio you need only put
in 50 U of V.
- -wm

<<<<<<<<From: "Bonnie  RICHARDSON" <email @ redacted>
Opps, I forgot to mention the point of my last response...ratio, I mix =
5-1, I draw in 60 units of Velosulin, then fill the syring the rest of the =
way till its full.  Holds 300 units.  Be careful not to mix.   I insert =
air into the Humalog with another syringe to get the pressure, then put =
the current syringe in to pull the insulin out.>>>>>>>>

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