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Re: [IP] Nova Scotians

Our family is from New Brunswick, a sister province to Nova Scotia.  We =
have a 6 year old child using the insulin pump.  There are at least two =
families that are on the list that are in the pump arena.  One family is =
in active pursuit of insurance coverage for the pump for their teen daugh=
ter.  I believe there are a few adults using the pump.

Medicare in New Brunswick does not cover any Diabetic supplies.  All of =
your needs must be filled via an insurance plan.  I suspect the same hold=
s true for Nova Scotia.  I can certainly give you the name of one very =
helpful family who is exploring all their options in their hometown of =
Nova Scotia.

Be sure to e-mail me directly if you get no other replies and I would be =
happy to connect you.  My e-mail is email @ redacted


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> Hi Fellow Pumpers..
> I was wondering if we had anyone on the list living in Nova Scotia,
> Canada..
> My family are relocating there, and I cannot find any info as to Prov.
> Medicare Plans.
> Does the Province cover any cost pretaining to diabetic/pumping
> supplies??

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/