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[IP] Re: Hail, pumper

John Neale wrote:
> Dianne,
> Hi. How are things going? I was pondering just the other day what had
> come of you... Any further progress on the writing front? Do let me
> know.
> John
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> mailto:email @ redacted
> http://www.geocities.com/Vienna/Strasse/5726/
Hey John-
Alive and sorta well after a scathing brush with a brain tumor (don't
try this at home) which has somewhat limited my abilities in many ways.
I may end up writing professionally my default.  The tumor (may it rest
in peace) was removed in early July and left me unable to walk and my
entire left side dysfunctional (read paralyzed) at least for the time
being.  I am out of the wheelchair now and walking with a cane, but my
face, tongue etc. is still paralyzed, but sorta thawing out.

Pump wise I was able to keep it going the entire time of the operation
(9 hours !!!) but recovery was something else - no one on the nursing
staff knew jack about pumps naturally but the hospital had a CDE who
came and helped me get things going afterwards.  Brain surgery effects
the brain -- duh! - and all the nerves on that side of the body.  I
couldn't see the numbers on my pump and had to rely on the audio beeps
to bolus.  The basal rates were 4x my normal rates going into the
operation due to pre op steroids (necessary to reduce swelling).  I was
worried about that coming out of surgery as I was going thru cartridges
like crazy due to increased insulin use and I couldn't see well enough
to fill cartridges and I was just out of it otherwise- fortunately my
CDE was there to help.  After a week in the hospital where I mostly
moaned and received visitors, I was transferred to a skilled nursing
facility by ambulance.  They knew even less about pumps than the
hospital.  My CDE was forbidden to 'practice' there (liability issues) I
was still seeing double and my endo was home nights watching the
Diesetronic videos (bless his heart) so that he could actually change my
infusion set, etc.   He was 100% committed to seeing I stayed on the
pump and he visited me in the nursing home until I could handle it
myself.  (I finally got a magnifying glass - which helped a lot.)  My
basal rates seemed to be changing hourly and here I am, 3 months later,
1500 miles from my former home recuperating at mom and dad's.

I've lost my apartment and am unable to work but like  the Timex watch -
I took a lickin' but keep on tickin'.  Am finally feeling well enough to
be back in the fracas, mentally at least and pounding on the keyboard
qualifies as good therapy according to my occupational therapist. Am
trying to get some Disability Benefits but so far I'm just waiting. In
the meantime I'm trying to make 'lemonade' out of the lemons I've been
acquiring.  Damn the Sachertorte, full speed ahead.

Are you in Vienna full time now? or still a Brit abroad?  Nice to hear
from you John.

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