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[IP] Re:Disetronics vs. minimed

I work with the diabetes educator at work with the patients, and am a
resource person regarding pumps when she's away, but I'm there. so, I've
worked with both of them. personally, I am on a disetronic, when i first
moved to Florida last year the first thing my endo said was "well, we'll
have to get you on the mini med" I flatly refused to change pumps, mine was
working fine for me, my A1c running about 5. I can get very stubborn with
some of these doc. after all, most of us know more about our diabetes, and
how our bodies react to what than the docs. the first thing I had to
streeees to all the nurses is DO NOT MESS WITH THE PATIENTS PUMP! For some
reason, the first thing they want to do is remove the pump even when they
don't know a thing about it ie; how it works, what is necessary for use.
well enough said I just made up my mind a long time ago, after seeing a lot
of patients coming in and losing legs, and toes etc. that that was not going
to be me 15 years down the road. Most of my patients are cardiac patients,
but we will have 6-7 out of 10 that we're doing testing on at least 4xday.
sorry so winded again.

RAJohnson RN
Sarasota, Fl.

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