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[IP] after eating...

One more thing to confuse my little brain...After I eat, within a half
hour, I get a very bad headache, a burning feeling in my gut, and feel
quite nauseous.  These are the same symptoms that I would have if I had
a very high blood sugar.  I decide to test and I am usually right around
my range and then at the 2 hour mark I am "normal".  What could it
be?!?!  I supposedly have gastroparesis BUT it has never bothered me
like it has recently?!?  After about an hour the headache wears off and
my stomach settles down.  Do we digest food within a half hour?  With
all the stress I've been through did I give myself an ulcer?!?!  I'm
slightly worried BUT more so confused?!?!?!?!?        -Tonya D.  :-)
* Started at my new (long term substitute) job in Va Bch...I'm quite
HAPPY now...FINALLY!  Good things come to those that wait (I've been
telling myself that for 2 years now!) Ha, ha!

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