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Re: [IP] Disetronic vs. Minimed - Users input needed please!!

Dear trifona:

Regarding several of your questions/comments:

With several insurances I've had problems getting coverage for pump
supplies. You need to persevere.
1) Letter of medical necessity from your doctor
2) If your plan covers syringes (all do), stress that this therapy is an
improvement/replacement for syringe therapy, if the doctor and you are
willing to implement it properly. (I am still sourcing AMA white papers to
provide ammo for this.)
3) If someone at your health plan still insists pump supplies are NOT
covered, request a denial in writing (not a copy of general verbiage that
seems to apply to your case).

The last time I was denied coverage it was step three that worked the
charm. All of a suddent they found out they were 'misclassifying' my
benefit. I went from 50% coverage to 100%!

Re Disetronic vs. MiniMed.

I liked the features and design of the Disetronic. However, in my search
for a doctor to prescribe a pump, the MD I found only worked with MiniMed.
So, I was not given a choice. I am happy to have a pump, period, but would
still like to try the Disetronic sometime. I like the fact that it is
quieter. However, I have met Diabetic Educators who have tried/worked with
both and who prefer MiniMed.

P.S. I am on the 507 and have never used the Square Wave bolus. My doctor
has a 507 tho and loves that feature! I like the audible bolus and back
light features. But I think Disetronic was first in the audible programming
- -- so, they may be more advanced in the design arena. MiniMed is also very
strong in Customer Service.

As far as batteries, yes you can get the type of batteries used for the 507
in any drug or electronic supply store. However, due to the way medical
plans work, they balk at reimbursing unless you buy those very same
batteries through MiniMed, Disetronic, or a medical supply house. (Think
bureaucracy!) So you may benefit from ordering batteries direct from
MiniMed or Disetronic, depending on which brand you end up with.

Tina Farrell
Writing, Editing, Design
email @ redacted

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/