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Hi kids

Let me preface this by saying I have worn a Minimed for almost 6 years, AND
they come in the COOLEST black, which I would only trade for a "real" pancreas
(one with a full 65 year warranty for parts AND labor).  Having seen and
touched and held both pumps, I personally prefer mine...but don't YOU prefer
YOUR kids so much more than OTHER people prefer them???

Richard wrote about his D (in response to > *  Sounds like it is more

> I was biking down a steep hill a year ago with my pump tucked
> into my...tights, hit patch....bike went........I landed on the pump, 
> got bruise....tore tights where they were caught between the pump 
> and the asphalt.  The pump got an
> almost imperceptable ding on its corner and is still working fine.

Minimed is equally durable...I went A** over tea kettle out of a raft 3 weeks
ago onto a big old rock..the "solid as a..." kind - SPLAT.  I had an
interesting indentation where the pump got caught between my stomach and that
rock...but the pump is still working fine...

I'd certainly say "durable"

Richard said in response to > *  Waterproof =FB without additional case

> it will stand an hour or so submersion riding in my bathing suit pocket 
> while snorkeling without leaking.

I agree that is a good thing, however, like Michael's Lilly, exercise like
this typically makes me "suspend" anyway, so why not just unhook it - then you
really ARE waterproof and you dont have to worry about whether you put in the
"red cap" (is that right D people?)  AND to use the situation above again, I
was on the river all day, and just wrapped my "exo-pancreas" in a plastic bag
and tucked it in  my shorts.  I tested just before we got in the water and was
ok, felt low before we stopped for lunch but was not able to check, so i just
quickly unwrapped it, suspended and tucked it back in...and about 10 minutes
later was TOSSED - no, THROWN, no JETTISONED into the river.  Once they
dragged me back in and I could breathe again...I unwrapped it, and it was
fine...I unsuspended at that point knowing that an adrenalin rush was about to
kick in.  At lunch I did a bs check and was fine - bolused conservatively, and
then didnt check again til the end of the day...I was a little on the high
side, but nothing horrible, and I preferred the high to the low, plus I had
the stress thing working...

So, yes, I'd say if not water-proof, then at least not an issue worth worrying

>>>    *  display tells you how much insulin is left

> I'm surprised at this: it's such a convenient feature I assumed 
> that both pumps had it.

No, but the Minimed has a little door on the back you can open up and if you
have put in the syringe with numbers facing UP, you can get the same info...of
course, if you are like me and put it in which ever way goes best, sometimes
you just have to eye ball it.

>>>    *  Batteries need to be reordered by mail

>So once a year you order 10 batteries.

yeah really - this shouldn't be a considering point!!!  plus as people here
can attest, the batteries provided by Minimed are better than the ones you
will get at Radio Shack or Walmart AND you get extra "stuff" like that non-
essential, (but don't tell insurance), clamp and the cleaning  brush which can
be used to clean the lint out of your belly button too!

*-)+B xoxx~~~~~~[507]
workouts are down to $25 each...which is what a gym here in NYC charges if you
just want to use it for the day!!!

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