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RE: [IP] Another Site Question


I think issues like this are really judgement calls at best. When I was
first starting out, I'd change sites much quicker than I did after I had
gained "experience" (otherwise known as "been there, done that").

The typical recommendation is to change sites at the first sign of
tenderness or irritation. This is probably the best way to avoid any more
serious site complication. You did use the words "pain" and "irritation" in
your description, though, so I'm wondering if maybe you're trying to
convince yourself the site is not really bothering you? Maybe that little
voice inside you is really saying "if in doubt, change it out" <vbg>

Since your BGs are within normal range (good that you're keeping a close
eye on them), you might be o.k. for now. If the site is not red, swollen or
warm to the touch, you may simply be too close to a nerve or muscle.

I have found, though, that a slightly irritated site can "go bad" very
quick for me. Problem for me is I can't really tell where that turning
point is, so it's generally best for me to change sites if there is any doubt.


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>Okay pumpmates...I warned you there'd be questions....
>I changed sites last night (I use Tenders) and noticed some pain upon
>insertion.  I felt as though my angle was less than the usual 30 degrees but
>instead of starting over, I continued and completed the insertion.  I'm
>feeling some pain at the site upon touching it but there's no redness or
>swelling.  I didn't get any blood either.  My BGs are normal (well within
>range) so I no there's no crimp and the insulin is being delivered properly.
>It doesn't sting when I bolus either.  Should I remove the set and change
>sites or just put up with the tenderness in the site area for a couple more
>Carol Wilson
>Pumping since 9/22/98

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