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Re: [IP] Why velosulin and not regular?

I started pumping 18 years ago but at that time there was no velosulin and no
human insulin, at the time me (and others too) were having severe hypertrophy in
our tummies and the boluses used to burn.  They burned less if you took them in
1 unit increments spaced a few minutes apart.  Velosulin came out before humalog
and eliminated the burning problem and some of the hypertrophy problems.  I
don't remember anymore if it was animal insulin but I think there was a
park/beef version before the humulin version.  At any rate, in those days it was
much less painful than regular insulin (which I believe has long since been
revised).  It was also rumored not to crystalize as easily as regularbut I have
never seen any actual evidence of this, only rumor.  I tried regular again at
Xmas 2 years ago and it did cause minor site irritation and, for that xmas
dinner huge bolus, did burn just a touch at 10 units.  That last might not tell
us anything since I haven't taken a 10 unit bolus of velosulin in ages so it
might also sting a bit. By the way, reactions to insulin (local) vary widely.
Some people are sensitive and those who are in varying degrees so, as usual,
YMMV.   Hope that helps!


Michael and Shelby Strong wrote:

> I have learned a lot from this list about the different kinds of insulin,
> especially about mixing Humalog and Velosulin.  I know that velosulin has to
> be used to mix with humalog because they both use the same buffering
> material, but why do most pumpers use velosulin by itself instead of
> regular?  I am just switching from humalog to velosulin, and I have used
> regular a few times when I have been out of state and didn't have a
> prescription for humalog.
> This reminds me of another question.  Why is a prescription required for
> humalog and not for the other insulins?  Also, is a prescription required in
> all states?
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