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Re: [IP] joints

Responding to Rosalind's reply to this subject,  I also have had many trigger
fingers (or stenosing tenosynovitis as it is sometimes called) and have been
treated with cortisone, surgery, splints, and exercise therapy.  I have a
couple fingers that have had cortisone shots (one had about 5) that have not
caused me any problems in several years, but the general experience has been
they come back from either shots or surgery (the fingers I had operated on in
1986 and 1989 are all 3 showing occasional triggering).  I have been able to
avoid surgery (which I only resort to when my hand is just too painful to
function) since 1992 by more aggressive excercising of them.  I first warm
them (usually now in a paraffin bath when there are fingers that are badly
catching or they will not work) and form repeated fists for a couple of
minutes, then manipulate each finger about 10 times fully closing and then
opening it.  Then I try to stretch them to the maximum in a praying position.
The thing that seems to have made a difference with me is a mindset that pain
means having to exercise more, not less, and when I feel pain I try to
immediately manipulate that finger no matter how much it hurts.  Usually
within a few weeks things improve (although I have had a few cortisone shots
in recent years).

So on to frozen shoulders.   My magic excercises are not working on that,
cortisone has helped a little in the past but usually not and always reaps
havoc with bs (much worse than the smaller amount in fingers).  Anyone else
doing any better?

I am supposed to get my pump this week, but my goals with it are to smooth out
the highs and lows more than improve HA1c of less than 6.

Linda Zottoli (diabetic since age 8 in 1955)

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/