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Re: [IP] Confused, looking for help......

email @ redacted wrote:
> Hi All,
> I have been trying to get my doctors to "approve me" for use of the pump for
> around 6 months now.   My primary care doctor sent me to an endo.  She put me
> on humalog saying that the insurance company (a PPO) would want us to try this
> first before they would approve a pump.  I used the humalog for 4months.  She
> then said that I was not testing enough , I was testing 4-6 times per day and
> she said they wanted to see me test at least 6 times every day.  I have been
> doing this.  She then said that I should go see my primary doc and see if he
> wants me to start the pump.   I did and he said yes.  He gave me another
> refferal to go back to the endo to get started.  Now she says that I need to
> run consistent good levels for 3 to 6 months before my insurance would approve
> me.              This is where I am now.  I am confused as to what an
> insurance company wants before they would approve me.  It would seem to me
> that if I am running good levels without the pump they would not approve me
> becasue I am in control.  am i getting the run around by her or what.  She
> only has 2 other patients on the pump,  does this indicate anything?  Anyone
> else been in this same situation?  Please help.......

She's full of malarkey! The pump can improve control greatly, and give more 
flexible living since it frees you from the tightly scheduled regimen that
MI includes. Anybody that insists you have perfect control at this point is
being inconsistent with reality, and needs to be straightened out with
great insistence. You've jumped through enough hoops already, and it sounds 
like she needs to have a threat to remove her license to practice medicine 
placed (though it will be shrugged off). Tell her in no uncertain terms that
you are READY, so GET IT!

Ted Quick
email @ redacted

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