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RE: [IP] Dex meter (was: Meters)


I would call Bayer again.  I have had my software for a few months now.  In
fact, they have sent it to me three times.  I have two extra software and
cable packs.  If you can't get it from them I could send you one of mine.
Email me privately - email @ redacted

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I have a Dex and have been using it for almost a year, since it has been on
the market in Canada since last fall.  I really like it because it uses
very little blood, is quick and has a cartridge of 10 test strips.  I have
found it to be very accurate.  The lancet device it comes with (Microlet)
is the most comfortable I have ever used.

I have been waiting for ages for Bayer to come out with their computer
program to download from the Dex.  It is apparently due out soon and I have
to call this week to find out if it is ready.  They promised me a free
cable/CD system because I have been calling them every 2 months since
January.  They had initially promised it by last April.

type 1, 19 years
pump, almost 14 years

email @ redacted wrote:
>I've heard there is a new Dex meter coming or may already be available.
>Anyone know anything about it??

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Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/