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Re: [IP] Question


When Megan first started on the pump the first few weeks were awesome. Then we
started running into problems that were keeping her blood sugars way out or
range. I can remember how TOTALLY bummed out I was at the time. My
expectations were so high that the disappointment hurt a lot. I almost gave
up! But then I snapped and plunged head on to learn how to correct the
problems and things are smooth sailing MOST OF THE TIME!

I can remember crying to my pedi-endo when Megan's sugars went out of whack..
He remminded me the even though Megan has the pump and we were working real
hard that she still has diabetes-some days are good, some days are bad some
days are great!!

Now we have more great days than I could have ever imagined! I look back in
her old diabetes logs and can't believe how much better the numbers are
Money can't buy your health but in this case spending a few more extra dollars
a day on test strips WILL HELP THE QUALITY OF YOUR LIFE!!

Hang in there-it DOES get better and easier!!!!

Judy C.

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/