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Re: [IP] Disetronic -- pros and cons

At 05:50 PM 10/12/1998  Richard G. Larson wrote:
>** Reply to message from insulin-pumpers-digest 
><email @ redacted> on
>Mon, 12 Oct 1998 11:36:02 -0700
>> From: trifona <email @ redacted>
>> Subject: [IP] Disetronic vs. Minimed - Users input needed 
>I've had a disetronic for about 22 months, so here's my 
>experience.  I won't
>say anything about the Medtronic, since I'm not really familiar

>with it.

Is the Medtronic a hybrid pump? It would go along well with the
DiseMed or the MiniTronic. The best of all possible pumping
worlds (available in hot red, international orange, puce, lime
green and passionate purple). 

Seriously folks... I really hate getting into pump-wars here...
suffice it to say that both pumps are good and the one you pick
will be the one you like the best. Personal experiences are OK,
but they do not provide objective comparative data. Yes, the
Disetronic may have survived a biking accident, but unless you
can replicate the incident using a MiniMed, we still don't know
if one pump is more rugged than the other. I hear people talking
about dropping their pumps on the floor and dunking them in the
toilet without harm. For most of us, this is more typical of the
kind of abuse we will give these things. 

So, until Consumer Reports (or whoever) does a scientific
comparative analysis of insulin pumps, I think that personal
hearsay is pretty useless. This is what I would recommend:

1. Order the video and sales literature kits from both
companies. Try to objectively review all the material for both

2. Decide on the criteria that is most important to you. Try to
review the literature again with this criteria in mind.

3. Talk to the sales reps. and ask questions based on #2 above.
Other important factors to consider is how much help will the
sales rep give you in getting medical and insurance approval.
Also, do you feel confident in the sales person's abilities (i.e
do they actually do what they say they will do)?

4. If you can, try see if you can look at both pumps and get an
idea of how they function and feel. 

5. (optional and proabably equally valid) Toss darts at a target
and make your choice based on where the darts land.

In my case I initially did steps #1 & #2. The MiniMed sales rep
called me within a few days... I never heard from Disetronics...
they have an office about 180 miles north of me... MiniMed was
located within 10 miles. The MiniMed sales rep was also willing
to do all the work to get my pump approved. Under different
circumstances, and different sales people, I might have easily
chosen the Disetronic. 

The bottom line for me is, that the pump is just a mechanical
device and I have no lifelong emotional attachment to it
(physical attachment, yes... emotional attachment, no). We have
to be pragmatists in all this. My motto is: whatever works is
good. (And both pumps work).


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