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Re: [IP] joints

At 06:11 AM 10/9/98 PDT, you wrote:
>I saw someone talking about problems with the joints in the hands, but I
didn't catch the entire story.  For the past month, 2 of my fingers in my
right hand have been getting "stuck" in a certain position, and it takes
some effort to "snap" them back into place.  This usually occurs during the
night and in the early morning.  I really thought it had something to do
with carpal tunnel - this is the first I've heard of it possibly being
releated to the diabetes.  I'm seeing my dr. in two weeks, so I will talk
to him about it.  Please let me know if anyone else has this problem, or
knows more about it.  Thanks!

I have been told that my carpal tunnel syndrome is directly related to my
diabetes - which is a result of diabetic neuropathy. The nerve damage
causes the problems within the hands. I first tried cortisone shots in both
hands - that treatment worked for a few years. Then I had surgeries in both
hands by a very skillful hand surgeon to prevent further deterioration of
my hands - it is better. Meaning that, my hands no longer fall asleep all
of the time nor are they painful. Surgery was the answer for me.

NOw, I had a diagnosis of bursitis in my left shoulder which now was
rediagnosed as *frozen shoulder*  encapsultis. I will be going back to the
rheumatologist tomorrow for another cortisone shot in in left shoulder. I
had two shots last April - why raised my blood sugar tremendously for one
week. I also used nearly twice as much insulin to keep by bg's just below
200. I tested every two hours and raised basal rates - it was a battle.


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