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Re: [IP] Disetronic vs. Minimed - batteries

At 03:49 PM 10/12/1998  Ted Quick wrote:
>Interesting point, since I've been ordering the MiniMed 
>multi-battery packs
>for years using 2 different insurance companies, and they've 
>always paid
>for them along with all my other pump supplies. Never even 
>questioned it.
>If they did I'd make the point that there's more than batteries

>in the packs,
>they include a miniature cleaning brush for the pump's drive 
>screw and 
>a clip to seal the hose if needed, and these could be claimed

It probably also helps that MiniMed calls their battery pack a
"Disposible Power Kit". It makes it sound like something much
more technical than just batteries and therefore the insurance
companies will accept it. 


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