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[IP] kids today and yesterday

It is so encouraging to hear that Kids are doing SOOOO well with diabetes
these days.  Back in the dark ages my personal rule in staying alive
between the ages 12-18 was to swim 45 minutes in the morning, 1/2 hour
lifting free weights in the evening, swim 11/2 hr. evening. Bike

My coach was so dedicated to me (and my swimming) and my disease that he
would hold a wrench over the end of my lane so I couldn't get out when
exhausted.  He was a biology teacher and knew what glucose was doing to my
body.  If I went low there was a quart of OJ near by.

He told me if I didn't submitt to the pain, I'd be blind and footless by age 20.

Oh yeah, they wouldn't prescribe regular insulin to me until I was 17-- so
I was on NPH Beef (only) for 5 years and extreme excercise was my only
means of dealing with eating.  My skin began to collapse because of a
reaction to the beef insulin and they switched to pork.

I have to say I had a pretty darn buff body too, and I won all the meets!
But my fat count was so low that I didn't begin to menstrate regularly
until I was 18 and out of swimming mania.

I could only eat as needed. I never ate fats or simple sugar.

I tested only 2x's a day-- remember the glucometer that took 3-5 minutes
and you had to rinse the strip with a shot of water?  Before that Pee
tests?  And I never kept a regular regime.

On weekends I ran my butt off, in the snow or whatever it took.

Crazy when I think back on it.  I swear it would be considered child abuse
by today's standards.

My endo at Cleveland Clinic would debase me for eating things out of line.
It was horrible.  My poor parents were always upset at what was happening
to me.

You are so lucky to have all the technology  and a kid willing to use it.
if I had it all to do over-- I would try to be as perfect as I could be.
Hind sight is best of course.

I now think of my grandma and even my great grandma.  They both died young
with major diabetic complications.  Blindness, amputation, heart disease.

We are so lucky now.

Ps; Michael-- Pizza is a killer any shape size or kind-- absolutely a killer.

ReThinking Paper,
Emily Miggins

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