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Re: [IP] Disetronic vs. Minimed - Users input needed please!!

Yes double check with the insurance co regarding set.  However be prepare=
d for the original decision to be true.  Here's a little story.
I wanted to go onto the pump. At open enrollment I asked all of the reps =
the same question, and I got the same answer 'yes pumps are covered under=
 this plan'.  I then began asking specific questions.  The results were =
quite surprising.  Co #1 covered pumps, but not for diabetics.  Co #2 cov=
ered pumps, but only if I was pregnant (btw I'm a 39 yo male).  Co #3 was=
 the only one that covered the pump and all of the needed support.
I really do not want to get into which pump is 'best'.  What its going =
to boil down to is, which one do you feel must comfortable with.  Handlin=
g, wearing, the look,  etc.  I have never heard of any medical studies =
that have 'proven' that either one of the pumps provides a superior level=
 of delivery of control.
Good luck and take care.

- ----------
> I've just confirmed that my insurance will pay 100% for the price of =
> pump itself...YES!
> However, they also told me that they will pay ZERO for the infusion
> sets.  I was really pissed at this, but after putting in a call into
> Minimed Sales, they told that that is most likely a mistake.  Anyone
> else have this problem?
> In any event, with the biggest hurdle down, the big question is WHICH
> PUMP??
> I've spent COUNTLESS hours searching over Dejanews reading the relavent
> comparison posts,  watching both videos, reading company material, etc.
> YET i still cannot decide.  It seems like the Htron Plus looks to be =
> better technology ( + 2 pumps), however the minimed seems to be the mos=
> discrete and has the accompanying accesories to make life easier like
> the computer connection, waist thing, and more discrete cases.
> I know MOST people have decided on the minimed, those that did why? sam=
> for those on the disetronic as well please.
> Ive made a small table comparing them both, i would appreciate any
> comments from users as to the validity of the positives & negatives on
> my list.  Thanks for any input!
> Disetronic Pros
>    *  2 Pumps! - great for travelling
>    *  Sounds like it is more durable
>    *  Waterproof =96 without additional case
>    *   Delivers insulin every 3 minutes
>    *  auto priming =96 not sure how this works
>    *  display tells you how much insulin is left
>    *  No PVC=92s in infusion sets
> Disetronic Cons
>    *  Looks like out of Star Trek
>    *  Seems TOO easy to accidentally bolus by hitting the h or m button=
>      w/o a confirmation
>    *  Must set programming to accept EITHER .5 or .1 units
>    *  Batteries need to be reordered by mail
> MiniMed Pros
>    *  Beeper like appearance
>    *  Square Wave Bolus  (How useful really?)
>    *  Wealth of accessories (clips, cases, etc)
>    *  U.S. market lead
>    *  Standard batteries
>    *  backlight
> MiniMed Cons
>    *  Less durable?
>    *  Not waterproof w/o bulky case
>    *  Delivers insulin very slowly
>    *  Noisy clicking motor

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