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Re: [IP] Humalog.... for me, not as fast as they say it is!

Yeah, sign me up, too.  I am just using Humalog as a bolus, but find that
it does kick in exactly the same way.  I am supposed to switch to Humalog
in the pump but wonder if it will help as much as is expected.  I also run
a higher 4-8am basal and am struggling with a high 2 hours after breakfast,
followed by perfect before lunch.  Maybe full-time Humalog will help but I
know it takes at least 2 hours to start to bring down a high.  And bolusing
Humalog 1/2 an hour before a meal also works better than 15 minutes.  Argh.


>Delaine, I'll join your club.  My BGs look a lot like that except at 2 hours,
>my BG can go up as high as 250+.  It is back down by lunch.  I have also
>accepted this fluctuation because my a1c is about 6.1.  I can't complain.  I
>increased my basal rate from 4am-8am to try to alleviate this problem, but it
>still occurs.  This is an increase above and beyond my dawn phenomenon
>increase.  The only thing that keeps that BG normal is running.  I try to run
>3-5 days/week, but that is not always possible.  If I run, the BG never goes
>up.  If I don't run, it does.  I have taken the Humalog earlier and that has
>worked.  BUT, like you said, that makes it just like Regular.  ellen

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