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Re: [IP] Incorrect Email Address-Pumpsit Etc. Houston,Tx.

I've had a little different experience with Pumpsit in Houston.
The first time I ever ordered supplies I used Pumpsit. I ordered well in
advance of needing supplies and was told supplies would arrive ~ 2 weeks.

 About 4 weeks later, I realized I didn't receive anything. I called. They
apoligized, explained the problems. Then gave me the 2 week line again. 

I followed up. Same problem. I followed up. Same problem. Through what seemed
like endless problems, it was almost 3 months before I received supplies. Then
because proper authorization wasn't gotten, I fought with billing for 6
months. I was in near hysterics by the last few calls and in a panic 'cause I
didnt know where else to get supplies and I was down to a few days worth.

I now use Caremark and have not had even a bump in the road. I am very happy
with them.

In defense of Pumpsit, I have been told that the person I had problems with
has been terminated and a new system has been put into place so that this type
of oversight will not happen in the future. In additon, the woman that owns
Pumpsit went way out of her way to help me one night. I had a whole package of
batteries that went bad and she met my husband on a Sunday evening at 10 pm in
a parking lot to give us batteries. - Katie

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