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Re: [IP] Humalog.... for me, not as fast as they say it is!

Delaine, I'll join your club.  My BGs look a lot like that except at 2 hours,
my BG can go up as high as 250+.  It is back down by lunch.  I have also
accepted this fluctuation because my a1c is about 6.1.  I can't complain.  I
increased my basal rate from 4am-8am to try to alleviate this problem, but it
still occurs.  This is an increase above and beyond my dawn phenomenon
increase.  The only thing that keeps that BG normal is running.  I try to run
3-5 days/week, but that is not always possible.  If I run, the BG never goes
up.  If I don't run, it does.  I have taken the Humalog earlier and that has
worked.  BUT, like you said, that makes it just like Regular.  ellen

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