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[IP] Question, Which MIX

> I am on Humalog now. 100%. I try and not test alot <yea right> and try
> and test 2-3 hours after meal and bolus because thats when you have used
> all the Insulin and Carbs..
> I have now discovered I am having site breakdown after about 48 hours.
> Non absorbtion at the site. I also heard that mixing Insulin solved this
> prob for some. What is the ratio of mix? AND how does it affect your
> reaction time?  It has to slow it down some..

gee, we're gonna have to write a FAQ on this.

Mixes vary depending on your gastro needs. Mail list members use:

1/1 to my knowledge

Most use Humalog/Velosulin, but some use Humalog/Regular

5/1 most resembles straight H, in all respects, the timing is pretty 
much the same for both with the exception that if you overbolus, the 
subsequent low will sneak up on you after about 3 hours and hang 
around for a couple of hours where with humalog, it is gone more 
quickly. The best mix should be tailored to your needs by directly 
testing it your digestion requirements. Check you post prandials for 
a week on 5/1, if they are close or a little high your fine. If you 
go low often, try 3/1 then 4/1, 2/1, etc.... try to bracket the best 
response for you. 

I will put a graph on ABOUT INSULIN PUMPERS page eventually when 
enough of you respond that shows what percentage of the respondents 

Currently there are

5/1 5
4/1 2
3/1 2
2/1 1
Some one reported 1/1 but I don't have the record.

email @ redacted

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/