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Re: [IP] Question

> Hi all.. how about 2 more questions? LOL
>  1) If I am suspended from the pump say 2 hours... Would that show up
> like 2-4 hours later because of missing those Basla drops? OR would it
> show much sooner?
As a rough rule of thumb, because the missing insulin is delivered 
(or in this case not delivered) over time, you can estimate this way:
The initial rise/fall of bg due to the Humalog would be roughly the 
same after 1 hour as a bolus of 1/2 that amount administered one hour 
ago. 2 hours, 1/2 that amount administered 2 hours ago, etc...

for R, you can extend the estimate to 4 hours.

> My insulin "humalog" may be dying after 2-2.5 days....   I figured I
> could 'change' insulin and keep Infusion site for another day. I mean
> only fill Resavoir for 2 days at a time... Change then every 2 days and

Nope, it works the other way around. You can change the site and keep 
the insulin, or you can use a mix to extend the life of the site.
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